About Me

Design, User Experience

Welcome to my little corner of inspiration, ideation and napkin sketches.

Who am I ? Unlike other problem solvers I love tinkering and testing, failing early and often.   A lot of the time, I may not have the answer to the challenge at hand or have a solution to a problem immediately, yet the inspiration within me drives me to forge ahead.

The optimistic nature that is built into my mindset makes me a experimenter, maker and learner.   I have always empathised and iterated over problems looking for inspiration in unexpected places for that elegant solution.  I believe there are elegant solutions out there and that by keeping focused on people not only do we become better designers but we also learn to ask the right questions and in the process embrace collaboration and creative thinking.

My friends always say that my mind runs at 100 miles per hour and that I dream up lots of ideas, some that work and some that don’t.  What I have learned through my experiences is that, making ideas tangible, testing them and refining them is a process that can be adopted, learned and built upon much like learning to ride a bicycle.  In the end the approach I have taken has mounted to ceaseless push to innovate and foster creative confidence and improve my ability to lead to solutions that I never dreamed of when I started.  The methodology used in user experience design is powerful and having learned these techniques has enabled me to approach problem solving with empathy, optimism, iteration, creative confidence, making and embracing ambiguity while learning from failure.  So to answer the question who am I ?

I am a Human-Centered Designer.