User Experience
  1. Creating a smarter hotel experience.
  2. Providing financial advice – Helping You Find Your Inner Adult for the younger generation.
  3. The Banking experience of getting a home loan.
  4. Offline Retail Brand & Strategy Service Model for clothing collection.
  5. Design a better workplace which encourages innovation.
  6. Design affordable housing.
  7. Happy meals for the people who are struggling.
  8. Change of career how to go about it.
  9. The coffee addict taste of delight for the day.
  10. Buying a house the steps to take into account.
  11. Selling a house the steps to take into account.
  12. Moving house not again you say.
  13. Renovating looking forward to the challenges.
  14. Dealing with a tradies it not that bad.
  15. Managing your savings so you are better off.
  16. Managing travels so you take a break at least once a year.
  17. Waiting in Queue for something to be done.
  18. Dealing with an Architect ! oh man was that my design or his.
  19. Eating out always a good way to find recommendation.
  20. Ordering takeaway should be simplier.
  21. Going on date should less nerve recking.
  22. Getting that first job and keeping it.
  23. Getting your first house.
  24. Investing wisely in property.
  25. Seeing your doctor for healt checkup.
  26. Looking after your health.
  27. A death at a funeral have you done enough in this life.
  28. The cinema experience.
  29. Building a business from scratch.
  30. Changing a career never so easy.
  31. Cooking challenge learning, trying and eating healthy.
  32. The kitchen table conversation for the family.